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Do Runners Over-train or Under-recover? with Dr. Izzy Smith

Dr. Izzy Smith is a specialist in hormone health and today we focus on all things hormones, stress & recovery. Firstly, Izzy talks about the concept of ‘over-training vs under-recovering’ and why a recreational runner needs to be mindful of this. We then move onto the role of certain hormones that hinder and enhance our ability to recover. Particularly nor-adrenaline & cortisol, these are typically classed as ‘stress hormones’ and the body will not enter the rest & recovery phase if circulating high amounts of these.

We all know the body will struggle to recover if subject to large amounts of physical stress, but Dr. Izzy Smith highlights the role of emotional & psychological stress as equally important states. We simple cannot recover to the same ability if subject to these psychological stressors. 

We finish off today’s episode with some listener Q&As around magnesium supplements, Vitamin D supplements and anti-inflammatory medications for recovery. 

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