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Understanding Nutrition for Optimal Recovery with Christie Aschwanden

Christie Aschwanden is an american journalist, science writer and author of Good to Go: How to eat, sleep & rest like a champion. Christie’s work has had a huge influence on the momentum of this recovery month theme and today, we focus on Nutrition for optimal recovery. 

After chatting with Christie Aschwanden about the book we then draw our attention towards hydration to the recreational runner. How important is hydration and how do we know if we are having too little or too much fluid? We then dive into common nutrition mistakes runners often make, whether it is for recovery, race day preparation or weekly routine.

We then cover a tonne of listener questions, including the relevance of the 30-minute post exercise nutrition window, how effective beer is post run, and should we follow the science claims on recovery supplements. 

You can find Christie’s website here and also her twitter instagram and podcast

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