How Often Should You Do Isometrics?

This episode covers a practical strategy for using isometrics your your proximal hamstring tendinopathy rehab. Including:

  • What Are Isometrics? Explanation of isometric exercises compared to isotonic exercises? Examples of isometrics in rehabilitation, particularly for Posterior Hamstring Tendinopathy (PHT).
  • Isotonic vs. Isometric Exercises: Description and examples of isotonic exercises and their isometric counterparts. Detailed examples: glute bridges (both double leg and single leg variations), long lever bridges, and isometric variations of these exercises.
  • Diagnostic Use of Isometric Exercises
  • Benefits of Isometrics for Tendons:
  • Research insights on the positive impact of isometrics on tendons, particularly in avoiding muscle and tendon fatigue.
  • Primary Reasons for Using Isometrics: Two main reasons for incorporating isometrics in rehab: as a baseline exercise for deconditioned or sensitive injuries and for their analgesic (pain-relieving) effects.
  • Tailoring Isometrics to Individual Needs:
  • Emphasis on customizing isometric exercises based on the individual’s pain levels and rehab stage.

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