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Do I Need Orthotics To Help My Running?

We all know the marketing poster in shoe stores. It shows a person standing still while highlighting their poor foot posture. Then, a side-by-side comparison of the whole body magically aligned when provided with orthotics to wear. This is marketing brilliance and sells the concept very well but does the claim for orthotics for running […]

Stress fractures: A warning to all runners

Stress fractures are a runner’s worst nightmare because they are often mis-diagnosed and once accurately identified, treatment is often no running and even crutches. This is extremely frustrating and requires the amount of patience that is rare in the running populations. So what do we need to know about stress fractures? It is worth mentioning […]

Tendon pain: The top 3 tips all runners should know

This will help you with the prevention and management of most lower limb tendinopathies including plantar fasciitis, achilles, high hamstring, patella and hip tendinopathies. This is because lower limb tendons respond in a similar fashion to load and training errors. So here are the top 3 tips when dealing with tendon pain. Tip #1: Tendon […]

5 simple ways to help you run faster without injury

I must start with a warning because trying to run faster without guidance can lead to significant spikes in training load. So, be gradual and follow the next 5 tips with a sensible attitude. With that said, here are my 5 tips to help improve your running speed. Run faster tip #1: Build a bigger […]

Detecting the early warning signs of your running injury

Rather than having a running injury and learning how to deal with it, let’s focus being preventative. Because the vast majority of running-related injuries are due to training errors, this means they can be prevented! So, I have written down the four most common situations a runner might encounter which will increase their likelihood of […]

Uncovering The Truth About Shin Splints

What is Shin Splints? More accurately termed ‘medial tibial stress syndrome’ shin splints is repetitive trauma cause by either: Muscles pulling on the shin bone: Because the deep muscles of the calf (the soleus) attach onto the shin and produce a powerful force when running. Then this calf muscle could be capable of generating enough […]

Do I need strong feet for running?

Feet are often a neglected piece of the running puzzle. That is because they often hide away and are compensated by footwear. But how important is it to have strong feet for running? Does it reduce risk of injury? Let’s see what the evidence says. The Foot Core System An article published in 2014 introduced […]

Find out what is the best running surface

As a runner, learning the pros & cons of each running surface type is a huge advantage because it allows you to adapt in different circumstances. For example, throughout your career you may encounter different injuries and prepare for different races. Therefore, we should dive into the different terrains a runner encounters and learn from […]

How To Decipher Good Pain & Bad Pain For Runners

Runners get injured. Runners get injured a lot! Studies show that up to 50-80% of runners are injured every year. So as a physiotherapist I think it is crucial for the longevity of your running career that you understand the different types of running pain. Too many times has a runner limps into a physiotherapy […]

What runners need to know about leg length discrepancy

Has someone told you your injuries are due to a leg length discrepancy? It can be a concerning, dis-empowering thought for any runner. But do athletes need to be concerned? Let’s look at the research to find the answers. Assessing leg length for runners A paper titled ‘Methods for Assessing Leg Length Discrepancy’ found that […]