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Emily’s Chronic Pain Success Story

>> Click here for the FREE 5-Day Course << Episode Description: In this powerful episode, we share Emily’s inspiring journey from chronic pain to recovery through the discovery and treatment of Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS). Emily opens up about her struggle with pain over the past few years, the emotional and psychological battles she faced, […]

Lily’s PHT Success Story

In this episode, we dive into Lily’s incredible journey of overcoming proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT). Lily shares her unique and challenging experience, from the onset of her symptoms to the various treatment approaches she explored and her eventual recovery. Her story is one of resilience, learning, and finding the right path to healing. Key Takeaways: […]

Idelkys’ PHT Success Story

In this episode, Idelkys shares her journey through proximal hamstring tendinopathy, a challenge that began during the COVID-19 lockdown. From her initial symptoms in early 2021, she discusses the evolution of her condition, the various treatments she underwent, and her eventual progress with a combination of shockwave therapy, steroid injections, and guided strength training. Key […]

Game Changers in Tendinopathy Research with Myles Murphy

In today’s episode, we delve deep into the world of tendinopathy research with Miles Murphy, a renowned physiotherapist, neuroscience, and lower limb injury researcher. Together with Ebony Rio, they’ve published influential work that could change how tendinopathies are managed. Key Highlights: Understanding Tendinopathy: Miles Murphy provides a thorough overview of the history, physiology, and pathology […]

Strategies for Overcoming All Types of Pain

In this enlightening episode of the Smarter Scholars podcast, we delve into the intricate world of understanding and overcoming various types of pain. Drawing inspiration from the Huberman Lab podcast and personal experiences, this episode offers a comprehensive look at the physical and psychological aspects of pain, providing listeners with practical strategies and tools to […]