Management of PHT Avulsions with Dr Hardy & Dr Lefevre

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Join us as we dive deep into the intricacies of proximal hamstring tendon (PHT) avulsions, a condition that affects athletes and non-athletes alike. Our esteemed guests, Dr. Alex Hardy and Dr. Nicolas Lefevre, break down the anatomy, causes, and cutting-edge management strategies for this challenging injury.

Special Guests:
Dr. Alex Hardy – Renowned surgeon specializing in PHT avulsions, passionate about advancing surgical techniques and patient outcomes.
Dr. Nicolas Lefevre – A seasoned sports surgeon with over 20 years of experience, known for his expertise in complex proximal hamstring injuries.

Key Discussion Points:
What is an Avulsion?

Discover how tendon detachment from the sit bone occurs, the sports and everyday scenarios that can lead to this painful injury, and why understanding it is crucial for proper management.
Diagnosis and the Importance of MRI:

Learn why MRI is the gold standard for diagnosing PHT avulsions and why ultrasound may lead to misdiagnosis. Understand the key indicators on scans that differentiate between minor injuries and those requiring urgent care.
Surgical vs. Conservative Treatment:

When is surgery necessary? Explore the criteria that guide the decision for surgical intervention, including timing, severity, and the patient’s lifestyle.
Delve into conservative management strategies, including physical therapy and PRP injections, and when these might be the right choice.
Rehabilitation Post-Surgery:

Get insights into the rehabilitation process, from initial rest to progressive exercises, ensuring a full recovery and return to activity.
Understand the importance of a gradual return to sport and how to prevent re-injury.
Risk Factors for Re-Rupture:

Uncover the major risks associated with delayed surgery and how they impact long-term outcomes. Learn what patients can do to minimize these risks and ensure a successful recovery.

Additional Insights:
PRP Injections for Tendinopathy: Explore the potential benefits and limitations of PRP injections in treating chronic hamstring tendinopathy.
The Myth of Scar Tissue: Clarify common misconceptions about scar tissue’s impact on the sciatic nerve and learn what really happens during healing.
Real Stories and Case Studies: Hear compelling real-life cases that illustrate the challenges and triumphs of managing PHT avulsions.


Research Papers: 
Magnetic resonance imaging should be the first-line imaging modality for investigating suspected proximal hamstring avulsion injuries
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Predictors of Early Return to Sport After Surgical Repair of Proximal Hamstring Complex Injuries in Professional Athletes: A Prospective Study

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