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The Good & Bad (mostly bad) of Massage Therapy with Alice Sanvito

Alice Sanvito is a massage therapist trained in trigger point massage, remedial and sports massage. After several years practicing & lecturing the concepts she learnt she began challenging her own beliefs and following the science. Today we cover several topics around massage therapy and what you can do as a runner to take full advantage of passive treatments.

  • Are there benefits of massage to promoting blood circulation, and removing lactic acid?
  • Does Alice Sanvito think massage helps with muscle lengthening & knots?
  • What is the mechanism behind trigger point therapy?
  • What are the traps that a runner might fall into if they are unaware of the true behind an evidence-based treatment.
  • When is there a place for a runner to receive massage therapy and how can it actually benefit the recreational runner for performance and treatment?

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