How to become an anti-fragile runner

This idea came from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book ‘Anti-fragile’ and I thought I would ask the question and spark some self-reflection. It has been discussed for a long time between experienced clinical professionals and coaches, that: There are some runners who seem to always get injured and some who can grind themselves to the ground […]

What runners need to know about pain

Step 1 of ‘explain pain’ is that all pain is generated from the brain. Several factors determine your brain’s reason for triggering pain & at what intensity. The level of pain experienced does not necessarily reflect the amount of tissue damage. This is a foundation principle all runners should understand to get a better grip […]

What Are The RED-S Warning Signs?

What is RED-S Previously know as the Female Athlete Triad has now evolved into ‘Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports’ which now includes males. The most well-defined example I could find came from Rebecca McConville who said: Rebecca McConville: “Where your energy is coming from when you are not paying the energy bills”. In other words, […]