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Empowering Runners who have Osteoarthritis with Alyssa Kuhn

Today Brodie is interviewed by PT Alyssa Kuhn about runners who have Osteoarthritis. We start with highlighting some common misconceptions around the cause, prognosis and development of Osteoarthritis.

Runners who have Osteoarthritis are told that OA is due to wear & tear of your joints and eventually the cartilage in your joints will pass their expiry date and lead to pain, stiffness, disability and eventually needing replacement. This is far from the truth!

Brodie covers the fact that joint cartilage is not static with an expiry date and in fact reality is quite the opposite. Even pain and scan results are often misleading. Other key points we cover are:

  • Can we still run with knee OA?
  • How do we know if we are ready to run if pain exists?
  • What contributes to pain sensitivity?
  • Are run/walk programs effective?

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