Training volume & intensity distribution

Brodie continues to review the book titled ‘The science and practice of middle and long distance running’ with chapter eight called training volume and intensity distribution for elite middle and long distance runners (Chapter contributors: Arturo Casado and Leif Inge Tjelta). We talk about the different training variables including training frequency, duration, distance and intensity […]

Running considerations for pregnancy & menopause with Emma Brockwell

Today, Brodie talks to Emma Brockwell during a FaceBook live within the podcast patron FB group. Emma is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist who specialises in post natal rehabilitation. She has written for Women’s Running & Women’s Health Magazine along with co-authoring research papers, authoring her book ‘Why did no one tell me” and co-hosting the […]

Strength testing for Runners

Brodie continues to review the book titled ‘The science and practice of middle and long distance running’ with chapter seven called movement screening and physical capacity assessments (Chapter contributors: Louis Howe and Paul Read). Brodie starts with describing the book’s movement screening protocol and examples for each. Next, we continue assessing the runner with physical […]

Running technique for Elites with Matt Pendola

Matt Pendola has several professional qualifications including a running coach, S&C coach, licensed manual therapist & wellness coach and works with several Olympic athletes. He has also personally achieved a tonne of impressive running achievements including winning the Elite Spartan World Championships Masters Division (2015) & Qualified for Duathlon World Championships 3x. Today, Brodie talks […]

The Psychology of distance running

Brodie starts part 1 of 3 reviewing a new book titled: The science & practice of middle and long distance running. We break down chapter 5 titled the psychology of distance running before interviewing the editor next month. This episode covers the evidence surrounding the use of psychological strategies to help running performance. The psychological effects […]

Are you really running slow enough? with Zoe Sharpe

Today Brodie’s sister joins the podcast to talk about her massive running revelation. It has taken around 7 years for Zoe to discover the art of running slow and is reaping the rewards. Not only is Zoe feeling fresh and able to run harder during her speed sessions but she has found a love for […]

Q&A: plyometrics/mental rehab/mobility work/tibialis treatment

Q&A part two answer your instagram responses. Here are you questions Brodie will be answering: Why do runners implement plyometrics in their strength training when their run is already a plyometric movement? How do you encourage people to mentally & emotionally approach a rehab program? Thoughts on general mobility work for runners? Interventions involving foam […]

Q&A: S&C training tips/preventing rolled ankles/leg length discrepancy

On today’s Q&A Brodie answers all your questions. Here is what we explore: 1.) What is the amount of time per week one should dedicate to strength training? And is it better to do a couple of longer sessions per week or a little bit most days? 2.) What are some of the best injury-preventing exercises […]

Brodie’s Run Smarter Injury Update

Today Brodie talks about his past 4 weeks of managing multiple injuries, what he has implemented for rehab & how he continues to maintain fitness while injured.  Over the past month Brodie has encountered hamstring pain, a sprained ankle and low back pain. Even though these injuries are piling up one after another Brodie is […]

How safe is exercise while fasting? with Kira Sutherland

Kira Sutherland has 25+ years of clinical experience in Naturopathic medicine & sports nutrition and creates a truly wholistic approach to optimising performance for athletes. Today, we are uncovering the benefits and misconceptions of fasting. In particular intermittent fasting for runners. Kira Sutherland describes the positive effects exercising has in a fasted state, including the […]