Are you really running slow enough? with Zoe Sharpe

Today Brodie’s sister joins the podcast to talk about her massive running revelation. It has taken around 7 years for Zoe to discover the art of running slow and is reaping the rewards.

Not only is Zoe feeling fresh and able to run harder during her speed sessions but she has found a love for running and for the first time is her running career is looking forward to putting her shoes on and getting out the door!

Brodie and Zoe talk about the principles of running slow and the benefits that come along with it. They also discuss how running slow should feel in your body in order to reap the rewards. This episode is designed for you to self-reflect and see if your getting your running intensity ratios right. 

Congratulations on listening to this podcast and starting your run smarter journey. The run smarter podcast is designed to help you build on your knowledge, so you can tackle all your running goals. Hosted by Brodie Sharpe with the mission to ‘bring clarity & control to every injured runner’. Firstly, gain the universal principles every runner needs to know by listening to the first podcast seasons. Secondly, find podcast topics tailored to your specific situation with either Brodie’s solo episodes, or special guest episodes. Lastly, execute on what you learn and transform into a stronger, healthier, SMARTER runner.

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