How To Best Prepare For Your Marathon

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Your Marathon Preparation

This blog will not provide tips on your training plan structure, if you would like more advice on this topic head to The top 5 MUST HAVES in your training program. I thought I would share some tips as you prepare for your next few long runs because this is where runners often fall short. So as race day approaches, what can you implement in your marathon preparation to gain your biggest advantage?

Mimic marathon day during your long run preparation

Here in Melbourne, most races will start between 7 and 8am, however I have also raced some half-marathons in Europe that start at 11am or 12pm. For this reason, you should prepare your long training sessions accordingly. Then, you should run a similar terrain including hills and elevation. This will help prepare the body and allow you time to forecast potential problems. Additionally, it is also important that you run in the same shoes and wear the same clothing. I have personally made all these mistakes in the past and know the cost of making this mistake.

Mimic your fueling strategy

What works for you before your long runs? Whether you are a big breakfast eater or a quick coffee person, your body needs to be used to operating under similar fuel. This also goes with gels, foods and liquids you are planning on consuming during the race. Go to your marathon’s website and find the location of your drink stations to prepare accordingly. This will show you at what distance you are provided with water, sports drinks and even gels! Prepare in advance and your stomach will thank you.

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Think of your marathon climate

Particularly for marathons that begin at the start of spring or is your plan to travel for your race. You might find yourself training throughout winter and then race day is your first exposure to warm weather. This can be very dangerous. You can be at peak physical conditioning but if your body hasn’t adjusted to warmer climates your body temperature regulation will struggle. You won’t know the exact weather conditions a few weeks out, but if there is any likelihood it’ll be warm, try and coincide your long runs in the middle of the day. It will only take a handful of warm-weather running for your body to hand the body temperature regulation on race day.

If you have a race coming up, I recommend reading How to boost your running mental game. This will cover the mental hardships during the grueling event. Good luck!

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