Troubleshooting for mid-race soreness

On this episode, Brodie entertains the scenario of a runner experiencing unpredicted mid-race soreness and highlights some troubleshooting technique changes a runner can do to get through the remainder of a race. There are changes you can make in your speed, cadence and step width during different terrain in order to shift load on your […]

Shin Splints is there a solushin? with Ben Lindsay

Ben Lindsay is the managing director at Solushin, a patented Counter-Traction Technology that effectively treats medial tibial stress syndrome. Ben & his team recognised the importance of effective shin splint treatments (training modification, strength training & orthotics) but set out to design a product in conjunction with these traditional treatment to accelerate recover times. We […]

Running is Rehab: When doing is the fixing with Greg Lehman

Greg Lehman is a physiotherapist, Chiro & strength and conditioning coach. He teaches courses to health professionals on biomechanics, with pain science & running rehab. Greg Lehman had previously wrote a blog titled: ‘Running is Rehab: When doing is the fixing’ and this is exactly what we dive into today. We delve into this term […]

Eccentric Training: The mechanics of Running & Exercise Examples

On this episode Brodie illustrates the importance of eccentric training for runners. He breaks down the different phases of the running cycle and points out different muscle groups undertaking eccentric control. Next, Brodie dives into the benefits of eccentric training including force production, flexibility and rehabilitation purposes. We finish with listing off some key eccentric […]

Understanding Pain & Injury with Dr. Rachel Zoffness (Part 2)

We continue our journey! If you haven’t listened to part 1 of my chat with Dr. Rachel Zoffness please do so. Today, we dive into practical steps and strategies people can do when they are suffering from pain. Rachel first talks about the concept of ‘Cognitive behavioural therapy’ and what you think, affects how we […]

Understanding Pain & Injury with Dr. Rachel Zoffness (Part 1)

Today we have pain psychologist Dr. Rachel Zoffness on the show to teach us about pain & injury. She teaches pain education to medical residents, serves on the pain education faculty at Dartmouth and is the co-president of the American Association of Pain Psychology. Rachel Zoffness is also the author of The Pain Management Workbook, […]

Understanding your epigenetics to prevent & manage injury with Dr. Cam McDonald

Epigenetics can interact with your DNA and genes in order to activate & deactivate your blueprint. Even though your DNA is hardwired, the cell’s characteristics & function can change based around your epigenetics. Dr. Cam McDonald is a lecturer, dietician & exercise physiologist here to talk about the information all runners need to know about […]

Tips for introducing power & plyometrics (patron release)

Brodie is releasing a patron exclusive episode onto the podcast feed to share the love. On this episode, Brodie dives into the science and safety tips when introducing power & plyometrics into your strength routine. Like running, power & plyometrics have a tremendously high demand on your body, so care must be taken. If not, […]

Why is it so hard to run pain free? with Matt Phillips

Today Brodie has Matt Phillips on the show to share his expertise around running injuries. Matt is a Running Injury & Performance Specialist and a past strength & conditioning coach. He is the host on the RunChatLive website, podcast & YouTube channel and creator of the RCL international running conference. Even with emerging evidence and more […]

Compartment Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, Risk factors & Treatment

On today’s episode Brodie talks about all things Compartment Syndrome. It is a running-related injury that is less commonly discussed and poorly understood. If you have ever experienced lower leg pain that gradually builds up throughout a run, only to subside quickly following rest, it could be compartment syndrome. We start with the anatomy of […]