Weakness vs Sensitivity (Pain)

On this episode Brodie discusses the confusion runners often make during an injury flare-up. Runners often misinterpret weakness when it fact, it could be just an increase in structure sensitivity. When progressing a return-to-running program and executing your rehab exercises, it’s not uncommon for a hiccup and mild flare-up to occur. This is often followed […]

Stress Fractures & Bone Health with Belinda Beck

Belinda Beck is a Professor in the school of allied health services at Griffith University. She has been involved in bone health research for 20 years and published over 100 research papers. Today, we discuss stress fractures and bone health. We start with the adolescent population and why diet, bone loading & peak bone mass […]

Blister Myth Busting with Rebecca Rushton

Rebecca Rushton graduated from Podiatry in 1993 and has since developed a key interest in blister management & prevention. We dive straight into the common misconceptions around blisters and how the definition of ‘friction’ can be very misleading. We uncover why blisters occur from an anatomy stand-point and if some runners are more susceptible than […]

Success Story: Overcoming shin splints with Danny Symington

We kick off our final success story with Danny Symington who managed to overcome 9 months of shin splints. Danny is an avid listener of the podcast and applied the podcast lessons to build up his running mileage. We talk through his journey when symptoms first arose, the mistakes he made, the successful plan and […]

Q&A: increasing mileage safely/black toes/running stability/water running

Today we have a Q&A episode where Brodie answer 5 question from the Run Smarter FB group and the Patron group. Here is what we will cover: If we are trying to ramp up mileage extremely quickly for a race without getting injured, how can we successfully do so? I’ve heard runners get black toes. […]

Success Story: Overcoming PHT with Kara Haas

During these success story segments, Brodie interviews a runner who has managed to overcome a running related injury after much hardship and frustration. Kara Haas has faced 15 years of Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy. Once running at a very high level and competing at the Olympic trials, Kara’s PHT started to get out of control. We […]

Sprained ankles: Treatment, Prevention & Insights

Brodie dives into the science of sprained ankles, including assessment, treatment & prevention. Sprained ankles may not be a common running-related injury, but can be very common outside of recreational running and leaves athletes confused when they can start being active. We first discuss the Ottawa ankle rules for ruling out a fracture. Then once […]

Success Story: Overcoming Plantar Fasciitis with Mark Mulray

On today’s success story we have Mark Mulray who was battling Plantar Fasciitis for several months before finding what worked and what didn’t work. Mark tried changing shoes, cross-training and had every variation of massage ball and ice bottle under his desk at work. Mark Mulray shares his treatment process that allowed him to not […]

Float, Sleep & Biohack your recovery with Sean McCormick

Today we have wellness entrepreneur, biohacker & host of the Optimal Performance podcast Sean McCormick. We all know that sleep is the #1 tool to help you recover, perform at high levels and rebuild from a hard workout. But, a lot of runners find it hard to sleep, unwind & detach from the stressors of […]

Success Story: Ainslie Dehn-Franklin Overcoming 7 stress fractures

Stress fractures are a runners worst nightmare. They are often mis-diagnosed in the early days and when correctly identified. This results in several weeks of inactivity which will drive a runner insane! Today Brodie interviews Ainslie who has faced several stress fractures throughout her running career. At the age of 14, Ainslie experienced her first […]