How to Survive & Thrive in all Weather Conditions with Andrew & Michael

Andrew & Michael are the hosts of the Endurance Innovation podcast. With thermal engineer backgrounds and a passion in endurance performance, the boys deliver a unique insight into thermo-regulation, heat transfer & optimal performance in all weather conditions. We start with running in sub-freezing temperatures and how smart decisions towards clothing, sweat and layering can […]

Success Story: Caroline & 5 years of Plantar Fasciitis

On this episode, Brodie talks with Caroline Taylor from the UK. Caroline describes the beginning of her long plantar fasciitis journey which all started with a change in daily footwear. We delve into her increasing symptoms and the endless amount of failed treatment approaches. However, Caroline never gave up hope. It wasn’t until 5 years […]

Managing forefoot pain with Brodie & Pat

On this episode of the Run Smarter Podcast, Brodie ropes in Pat from That’s Running podcast and together they unpack the challenging topic of forefoot pain. The forefoot is the section between your toes and the arch of your foot. In fact, Brodie & Pat are both currently managing their own foot pain and share […]

Todd & 11 years of hamstring tendinopathy

On today’s episode, Brodie talks with Todd Charnetski, a passionate runner who developed bilateral proximal hamstring tendinopathy back in 2007 after pushing hard during his half marathon preparation.  During these success story segments, Brodie interviews a runner who has managed to overcome a running related injury after much hardship and frustration. When injured, it is […]

Should you change your footstrike pattern? Hamill & Gruber, 2017.

On this episode, Brodie summarizes a paper by Hamill & Gruber titled: Is changing footstrike pattern beneficial to runners? This is a hot topic for a lot of runners, coaches and health professionals alike, and while this paper may not come to a conclusive statement, it does help bring us up-to-date with the current literature. The […]

Q&A: Boom bust cycles/DOMS/running boredom/training structure

We are back for our second installment of question provided by my sister Zoe. Here are the list of questions answered on today’s episode all around Boom bust cycles/DOMS/running boredom/training structure: I have injured my hamstring and took time off to recover from, now my leg feels weak and I am in a cycle of […]

The Run Smarter Podcast Q&A:

We haven’t done The Run Smarter Podcast Q&A episode for a while and today we are doing something a bit different. My sister Zoe is taking over Q&A time!  The Run Smarter Podcast Q&A episode covers a wide range of questions today, here is the list. How do I know what a reasonable starting distance […]

Shockwave Therapy: The Do’s & Don’ts with Benoy Mathew (Part 1)

This interview Brodie chats with advanced practice physio, sonographer & shockwave specialist Benoy Mathew. Shockwave therapy is a treatment method administered by therapists and Benoy answers all our questions on this treatment option. Firstly, Benoy helps answer the question of what Shockwave is and what the clinic experience looks like for a patient.  Secondly, we […]

The Run Smarter Podcast celebrates 100 episodes!

After 12 months and 90k downloads The Run Smarter Podcast is celebrating 100 episodes!! Brodie reflects on the past year and the milestones surpassed as he shares clips of his favourite moments, including what he has learnt the most and what he looks forward to moving into the future. Listen in to hear clips from […]

John Kelly & the infamous Barkley Marathon

Starting off the year with something different and light hearted before our 100th episode. I pulled one of my most popular episodes from the Everyday Running Legends podcast. This episode I had the pleasure of interviewing John Kelly, the 15th person to ever complete the infamous Barley marathon before its 60-hour cut-up time.  The Barkley […]