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Q&A: Boom bust cycles/DOMS/running boredom/training structure

We are back for our second installment of question provided by my sister Zoe. Here are the list of questions answered on today’s episode all around Boom bust cycles/DOMS/running boredom/training structure:

  • I have injured my hamstring and took time off to recover from, now my leg feels weak and I am in a cycle of exercise followed by injury recovery. What can I do?
  • How do I tell the difference between muscle soreness after a run and injury?
  • Every run I am running to the point of exhaustion because I want to get my best times. Is this okay?
  • What do you recommend to address the running boredom during a long run or to distract from negative thoughts that come from a hard run?
  • I want to cross train but my muscle soreness interferes with my running schedule, what should I do?
  • Does running on fatigued muscles lead to injury?

All these questions will be addressed in detail.

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