What you need to know about your running technique

On this episode, Brodie appears as a guest on the Healthy Runner Podcast & within the Healthy Runner Facebook group hosted by Dr. Duane Scotti. Brodie talks about all things running technique: What counts as good running technique? Is there a bad running form? Should we change our running form? Will it make us better […]

Superior treatments for patellofemoral pain (JF Esculier et al, 2017)

Brodie reviews his favourite research paper is by JF Esculier and titled: Is combining gait retraining or an exercise programme with education better than education alone in treating runners with patellofemoral pain?A randomised clinical trial. It’s published in 2017 and lead by researcher JF Esculier who appeared on episode 52 of the podcast titled “Is there […]

Empowering Runners who have Osteoarthritis with Alyssa Kuhn

Today Brodie is interviewed by PT Alyssa Kuhn about runners who have Osteoarthritis. We start with highlighting some common misconceptions around the cause, prognosis and development of Osteoarthritis. Runners who have Osteoarthritis are told that OA is due to wear & tear of your joints and eventually the cartilage in your joints will pass their […]

Q&A: Marathon Recovery/MCLs/Tapering/Youth Running

Today, Brodie performs his first Q&A LIVE within the Patron FB group. Titled: Q&A: Marathon Recovery/MCLs/Tapering/Youth Running. Here are the questions we will be examining: How long should I take for marathon recovery before I can start training for my next race? What can I do for an MCL ligament injury in my knee and […]

Safe Weight-loss Methods for Runners with Dr. Nick Fuller

Dr. Nick Fuller is the program leader at the University of Sydney working to identify & develop a long-term cost-effective treatment for obesity & related physical/mental health disorders. Dr. Nick Fuller has developed the ‘Interval weight loss program’ which has been shown clinically to be the most superior long-term weight loss strategy.  We start by […]

The 3 Essential Types of Running with Duane Scotti

Running Physical Therapist and Running Coach Dr. Duane Scotti joins Brodie on this episode to discuss the 3 types of running that we should all implement into our weekly routine. We dissect 1. Conversational-pace running 2. Tempo runs 3. Intervals to uncover: What is the definition of each type of run? What are the physiological […]

Measuring your Power Output with Nathan Fenton

On this episode of the Run Smarter Podcast, Brodie interviews running coach Nathan Fenton. Nathan uses running power as his primary metric for running program design and assessment. We explore how to measure ‘running power’ data and what devices you need. Nathan Fenton explains the difference between running power compared to heart rate and pace, […]

Transitioning from Runner to Triathlete Safely with Taren Gesell

Triathlon Taren Gesell joins Brodie today to discuss how to get involved in the sport of triathlons. Taren Gesell owns a business, youtube channel, podcast and various other platforms all about helping the recreational athlete start and thrive in triathlons. We start by addressing some triathlon objections. Comments like ‘I cannot swim’ or ‘bikes are […]

Load vs Capacity (Injury)

Today Brodie refreshes the concept of load vs capacity. Load is ‘the amount of physical load placed on the body’ verses Capacity which is ‘the bodies ability to handle load’.  This concept helps runners understand WHY they get injuries instead of believing unhelpful misconceptions such as flat feet and leg length discrepancy. It all boils down […]

Variety vs Specificity (Training)

Should we be training with a lot of variety (different speeds, shoes, cross training, strength training)? Or should we get really good at running on one surface, in the same shoes & not deviate? Brodie dives into the pros and cons of both strategies so you can self-reflect & come up with your own decision. […]