Transitioning from Runner to Triathlete Safely with Taren Gesell

Triathlon Taren Gesell joins Brodie today to discuss how to get involved in the sport of triathlons. Taren Gesell owns a business, youtube channel, podcast and various other platforms all about helping the recreational athlete start and thrive in triathlons.

We start by addressing some triathlon objections. Comments like ‘I cannot swim’ or ‘bikes are too expensive’ are common amongst runners. Also, Taren highlights the key to body composition and training composition that you might find surprising.

We also answer some patron questions around brick training sessions and whether we can enter the sport of triathlons while still keeping our favourite activity of running prominent in our weekly routine.

Lastly, Taren details the differences between road running and triathlon running to help efficiency and avoid running on fatigued legs. 

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