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The 3 Essential Types of Running with Duane Scotti

Running Physical Therapist and Running Coach Dr. Duane Scotti joins Brodie on this episode to discuss the 3 types of running that we should all implement into our weekly routine.

We dissect 1. Conversational-pace running 2. Tempo runs 3. Intervals to uncover:

  • What is the definition of each type of run?
  • What are the physiological benefits?
  • How do we know we are hitting the right intensity?
  • What percentage of my runs should be within this specific type?

We unpack all of this info to help you transform into a better, healthier, stronger, smarter runner, to bring variety into your running routine and to avoid the common ‘grey zone’ a lot of runner fall into. 

You can visit Duane Scotti website at Spark Your Training

Be sure to follow Duane on instagram and join his facebook group. Also check out the healthy runner podcast

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