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Understanding good pain & bad pain for runners with Dane Verwey

My conversation with Dane Verwey

Today we introduce Dane Verwey who is a physiotherapist & the Run Culture podcast host. We combine forces and knowledge to discuss the difference between good pain and bad pain. This is crucial to differentiate because we don’t want to push an injury into a more aggravated state but also, we don’t want to completely rest if we don’t have to.

Some concepts we discuss are:

  • Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), why is it ‘good’ pain.
  • The common characteristics of DOMS How DOMS is different to ‘Bad’ pain
  • How the location and nature of your pain can be interpreted
  • How you would expect good pain and bad pain to respond to rest & exercise
  • The consequences of misinterpreting two 2 type of pain
  • Some tests you can do at home to assess if you are clear to run after ‘Bad’ pain.
  • Common characteristics of stress fractures.

Dane is a good friend and will appear of several episode in the future to discuss different topics

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