How to reignite your running passion after a marathon

Let’s be honest, sometimes we have lulls in our running. For example, after a marathon or a big scheduled event which leads to a lack of motivation. For this reason I have posted 10 quick-fire running passion tips to keep the passion alive.  #1 Run with a friend to boost your running passion Find a […]

How to overcome hip pain & keep running

Lateral (outer) hip pain will commonly present as gluteal tendon pain. A correct diagnosis is obviously important, but I have seen ‘hip bursitis’ over-diagnosed throughout the running population. In fact, some studies have shown that in subjects with lateral hip pain, only 8% have bursa involvement. None-the-less management is quite similar. So how do we […]

How to know if tape can benefit your running

Tape has been a prominent treatment method for health professionals and runners alike. But with so many different taping methods, different tape brands and differing opinions on effectiveness, how do we know if it is right for running? Tape to decrease pain for runners Firstly, tape can be effective at decreasing levels of pain. However, […]

How to overcome your ITB pain

Most runners know what and where the ITB is located. Some of you may have even experienced iliotibial band syndrome resulting in pain on the outside of the knee. Commonly, this condition is linked to female runners, perhaps with a lower cadence & a recent bout of downhill running. I thought I would help shed […]

How To Know If It’s Best To Rest Or Run

As we know, most runners will inevitably get injured. Some runners love running so much that they won’t stop running when injured. If this resonates with you then this blog should help your run or rest dilemma. Inspired by Tom Goom’s running repairs online course, we will discuss elements of your injury to determine if […]

The new PEACE & LOVE acronym for running injuries

I thought I would share this acronym for running injuries because it contains some crucial importance. For years the RICE acronym was common knowledge for households but now in the 21st century, it is time for an update. It is a long one but encapsulates the entire recovery process. Firstly, the PEACE section represents the […]

How To Best Prepare For Your Marathon

Your Marathon Preparation This blog will not provide tips on your training plan structure, if you would like more advice on this topic head to The top 5 MUST HAVES in your training program. I thought I would share some tips as you prepare for your next few long runs because this is where runners […]

How to boost your running mental game

When I first started podcasting, I hosted a podcast called ‘Everyday Running Legends’. And at the end of every episode I would ask my guest ‘What is your number one tip to help a runner who is struggling through the last 10% of an endurance run?’. This one question has provided a lot of great […]

How to recognize the boom bust injury cycle

The boom bust cycle is a repeating pattern of managing injuries for a period of time & once recovered, training too hard until another injury is created. From my experience, this pattern is consistent with certain personality traits and training philosophies. Additionally, big survey-style questionnaires show that the reason why runners run is diverse. So […]

How to know if you are strong enough for running

It is not always about running strong, but when 2-3 times your body weight goes through your lower limb every step, a 70kg runner like me will accumulate 1.9million kgs of load every hour of running. So, strength should be factored in. Your ‘Running Strong’ home assessment This is a practical test you can try […]