How to treat your running injuries

Let’s explore how to treat running injuries and effective treatment. In particular, we will be discussing Runner’s knee, achilles pain & ITB pain. Treat your running injuries #1: Patellofemoral joint pain Also known as ‘runner’s knee’, this is the most common complaint in runners. Pain is at the front of the knee (patella) that is […]

Running Cadence: How to take full advantage

What is running cadence? Whether you need to adjust it or not, every runner should at least know what their running cadence is. This one number can be a game changer for some runners because it can generate a more efficient running technique. Simply put, your cadence is the number of steps that you take […]

Do I need to transition to a minimalist shoe?

Firstly, what is a minimalist shoe? Well, this is a shoe that attempts to mimic barefoot function as closely as possible. This usually means it is accompanied by light material and offering less support. Because this leads to confusion, the ‘minimalist index scale’ was created. I want to give a big thanks to the team […]

Running & Stretching: Is there any benefit?

It fascinates me the variation between individuals running and stretching. Some will put on their shoes and break-out into their jog while others spend 10-15 minutes stretching before and after. Is one preparation better than the other? Are we putting ourselves at risk if we don’t stretch? There are often misconceptions around static stretching and […]

Mistakes preventing a NEW runner from success

It’s tough being a new runner Becoming a new runner is a rough learning curve because in the first few months your body is adapting to new habits and the body thanks you with soreness and a struggling aerobic system. If you want your body to adapt, attempt to train within your body’s adaptation zone […]

Common Strength Training Myths for Runners

There are certainly common gym myths floating around the running community. My guess is because most runners don’t like strength training. Any excuse will do, right? The myths I will be talking about stems from the work by Richard Blagrove. Rich is a brilliant researcher and is world renowned for strength training and running performance. […]

The running technique hack to reduce injury risk: Step width

What is a running step width? Your running step width is exactly how it sounds, it is the measurement between the left foot and right foot in between steps. So, imagine a runner on a treadmill. Now, imagine a bright white line painted down the middle of the treadmill belt. Because everyone has a different […]

What Advice Runners Need To Know About Bone Density

There has been a surprising level of interest for bone health of late. With this in mind, I wanted to share some knowledge on bone density and how to preserve it. The importance of bone growth at a young age By the time we reach our early 20’s we have already reached our peak bone […]

Shin pain: when should you seek medical advice?

Shin pain is a common complaint for runners and medial tibial stress syndrome AKA ‘Shin Splints’ is often the go-to self-diagnosis. This is often followed-up by researching shin splint treatment and asking for advice from other runners. But there are potentially other causes for shin pain which could become worse when applying standard shin splint […]

The reasons why stretching will not help your muscle tightness

Muscle tightness is a common situation for runners. They stretch and foam roll, which MIGHT offer short term relief but quickly returns after the next run. With runners desperate for an explanation and a solution, I thought I would share my thoughts. The muscle tightness ‘perception’ Firstly, it is in my opinion that the ‘perception’ […]