Game Changers in Tendinopathy Research with Myles Murphy

In today’s episode, we delve deep into the world of tendinopathy research with Miles Murphy, a renowned physiotherapist, neuroscience, and lower limb injury researcher. Together with Ebony Rio, they’ve published influential work that could change how tendinopathies are managed.

Key Highlights:

Understanding Tendinopathy: Miles Murphy provides a thorough overview of the history, physiology, and pathology of tendinopathies, emphasizing the complexity and nuances of tendon injuries.

Innovative Research: The discussion includes insights into recent groundbreaking papers that challenge and expand our understanding of tendinopathy management.

Treatment Modalities Explored: Various treatments such as PRP, corticosteroid injections, and shockwave therapy are critically evaluated, with a focus on their effectiveness and practical application in clinical settings.

Load Management: The core of tendinopathy management, according to Murphy, revolves around appropriate load management, highlighting the importance of understanding and adjusting the mechanical load on tendons for optimal recovery.

Future Directions: The episode concludes with a forward-looking discussion on the potential future directions in tendinopathy research and management, including the development of new outcome measures and a better understanding of pain mechanisms associated with tendon issues.

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