Q&A: Damage when sitting / Preventing tears / Genetics / Bursitis / MRI scans

Brodie answers these PHT questions:

Sandrine: Two weeks leading to race day I typically stop all lower body strength exercises. That is when I sometimes feel a little ache in the proximal hamstring. Now I do some deadlifts which helped up to a week leading to race day. I know body weight exercises like squats will not help but I want to hear your thoughts about body weight squats leading to race day?

Lara: Any issues with strength training quads and glutes while rehabbing pht?

Jeff: Does sitting prevent healing from PHT?  If I have a desk job with PHT, should I invest in a standing desk?

Michelle: For those of us who are recovering from proximal hamstring tendon tears how do we prevent future tears or inflammation?

Jason: Do you think some people have a genetic disposition to tendonopathies, I’m currently going through PHT and have had various other tendonopathies throughout my life.

Siân: I would love to hear your thoughts on whether some of us are more at risk of tendon issues than others. I read that women are at higher risk when we get to peri/menopause too. Thoughts? What can I do to prevent any more?

Anything about ischial bursitis/swelling of the sit bone🙏🙏. The constant inflammation is driving me crazy.

I have partial tears but a surgeon said it was my spine, not hamstring. 3 Sports docs don’t agree. I just go around the circuit of physio, sports docs etc. I’m about ready to go out of province or country for help. Any suggestions?

Fabienne: How come my MRI showed severe tendinitis in hamstring and glute tendons but I never had pain? (Until full avulsion)

Maria: Approximately how long does it take to get full strength in your tendon following tenodesis surgery? 

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