Idelkys’ PHT Success Story

In this episode, Idelkys shares her journey through proximal hamstring tendinopathy, a challenge that began during the COVID-19 lockdown. From her initial symptoms in early 2021, she discusses the evolution of her condition, the various treatments she underwent, and her eventual progress with a combination of shockwave therapy, steroid injections, and guided strength training.

Key Points Discussed:

The Onset of Symptoms: Idelkys first noticed symptoms while intensifying her workout routines during the lockdown, starting with a sharp pain during a single-leg deadlift.

Seeking Professional Help: After worsening symptoms, Idelkys visited a physiotherapist and later a doctor who prescribed MRIs and diagnosed her with proximal hamstring tendinopathy.

Treatment Journey: Idelkys’ treatment included shockwave therapy and steroid injections, with limited success initially. She faced challenges with pain management and mobility, significantly impacting her daily life.

Strength Training and Rehabilitation: Transitioning to strength training proved crucial. She began incorporating specific exercises like deadlifts, crab walks, and Bulgarian splits, which helped improve her condition significantly.

Mental Health and Persistence: Idelkys speaks on the psychological challenges of dealing with chronic pain and the importance of mental resilience and patience throughout the recovery process.

Current Routine and Progress: She now maintains a balanced routine of strength training and running, which has allowed her to manage symptoms and engage in activities like half-marathons with minimal discomfort.

Her experience underscores the necessity of appropriate and timely medical interventions and the significant role of strength training in recovering from tendon-related injuries. Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the critical role of self-education in managing health challenges.

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