Sneak Peek Membership Q&A: Rest Days / Training Rescheduling / Pelvic Tilts / Progressions Post Flare-up

Brodie answers the following membership questions:


1.) Rest days: I’ve been religious about rest days for months but I’ve just been out for a short slow mile to start the day and it reminded me how good a daily run streak can feel with a short slow trot on the days you don’t have anything else planned.

How important are full rest days?

2.) Xmas events are starting to interfere with my training schedule. If I am having to cut sessions my sense is I should prioritise a weights session over a run but just looking for some advice on balancing.


3.) I have been told over the years several times by PTs doctors and read it online that tight hips and hip flexors will create a pelvic tilt that pulls on the hamstring and will aggravate PHT or may have even caused PHT. Is this accurate information?

4.) How do you know when to increase your weights in your strength training program? It has been several weeks/months since I have increased any of my weights, but they still feel challenging. After my last flare-up, my baseline never returned to a 0 pain, and hovers between a PL1 or 2 and sometimes sitting for really long periods can be a bit uncomfortable again.