Principle #2 to Overcome your Running Injury: Frequency is the key

Principle #2 Running Frequency is the key

On episode number 2 Brodie discusses the importance of ‘Running Frequency’. In other words, how often you are running per week. This mistake is common in new runners. Their intentions are pure but their mindset needs adjusting. For example, most new runners think they need to run hard to make benefits. But in fact, running easy, but more often will prove more beneficial. So, listen in as Brodie discusses this topic in more detail.

Throughout the first 10 episodes of this podcast you will follow the journey of injury prone Pete. This parable stems from Brodie’s e-book and comprises of common lessons and challenges a runner will face. This includes injuries, treatment methods, emotional battles and triumphs. So be sure to listen to all 10 episodes of season 1. Lastly, it is critical to follow the next few seasons on strength training, and pain-based episodes before continuing onto other more specific topics.

Congratulations of listening to this podcast and starting your run smarter journey. I hope you can see the benefits this information will have on your running lifestyle.

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