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The Mystery of muscle Cramping with Jeff Sankoff

My guest today is Jeff Sankoff. An emergency physician, ironman triathlete & podcast host of the Tri Doc podcast. His personal experiences with muscle cramping and personal endeavours to find an explanation makes him the perfect guest for this topic. We all know cramping can be a massive hinder on performance and can destroy race day. So, today we uncover some important topics, have a look at the list below for more details:

  • The proposed theories for muscle cramping
  • The research history behind cramping
  • The electrolyte imbalance vs neuromotor theory
  • Potential risk factors like fitness levels, weather, terrain
  • Potential treatment remedies 
  • The dangers of hyponatremia 

You can find Jeff and all his social media handles at his tri doc coaching website. Also make sure you listen to the Tri Doc Podcast

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