Rehab when Aging / Cushioned Sitting / Plyometrics / Recovery Expectations

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Questions for today’s episode:

1.) Alicia: Hypothetically, What happens when and if I age out of being able to perform my current weekly PHT maintenance exercises? Are there alternative exercises that will keep my hammy happy?

2.) Jen: Will using a cushion long term make the tendon weaker in sitting or is it better to wean off using a cushion at some point?

3.) Jen: Once the tendon is near the end stage of recovery, is it recommended to do any plyometric exercises to make it “extra” resilient? If so, what would be some recommended exercises?

4.) Joseph: Is this a condition that can be cured, or is it a chronic condition that has to be managed for the rest of one’s life?

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Title: Overcoming Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Expert Insights and Q&A


Welcome to another episode of our podcast dedicated to helping you overcome proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT). In today’s special episode, we’ll delve into a Q&A session sourced from our new membership platform. Whether you’re an athlete or simply someone seeking to conquer PHT, this podcast aims to provide you with valuable knowledge, evidence-based treatments, and dispel common misconceptions. I’m your host, Brodie Sharp, an online physiotherapist, recreational athlete, creator of the Run Smarter series, and a long-time PHT battler. Join us as we explore the nuances of this challenging condition and empower you to take the right steps towards recovery.

The Exciting Launch of Our Membership Platform

In recent weeks, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey with the launch of our membership group. Initially, we aimed to gauge interest through soft launches and social media outreach. To our delight, we received an overwhelming response from 15 eager members who signed up, confirming the need for this specialized platform. Our primary goal is to make effective PHT treatment accessible while fostering a supportive community spirit. By offering exclusive podcast episodes and content, we aim to spread accurate information and assist as many PHT sufferers as possible.

Exclusive Content for Our Members

Today’s episode features exclusive content from our membership community, providing a glimpse into the valuable insights and knowledge-sharing that occurs within the group. We have a dedicated channel called “Learnings, Wins, and Insights,” where members share their experiences, victories, and lessons learned during their PHT journey. In this episode, we’ll highlight some of these valuable contributions and address members’ pressing questions.

Member Insights and Learnings

Let’s begin by acknowledging some of the noteworthy insights shared by our community members:

  1. Massey’s Tip: Massey advises limiting the use of heels to once or twice a week, as they can aggravate PHT symptoms. However, it’s important to strike a balance and not eliminate them entirely. Reducing the aggravating factor, rather than completely avoiding it, can be more effective.
  2. Sabina’s Wisdom: Sabina emphasizes the importance of tracking your exercises and running progress meticulously. By increasing one variable at a time and monitoring your symptoms over 24 hours, you gain a clear understanding of your rehab’s effectiveness. Additionally, she highlights the emotional aspect of dealing with PHT and the importance of seeking support from others who understand the journey.
  3. Melissa’s Mindset: Melissa focuses on the psychological aspect of PHT management. She suggests avoiding hypervigilance during flare-ups, as hyperfixating on symptoms can be counterproductive. It’s crucial to manage stress levels, prioritize sleep, and maintain a balanced mindset throughout your recovery.
  4. Alicia’s Product Recommendation: Alicia shares a helpful product called CBD Living Freeze, which provided temporary relief from PHT pain. While this product may not cure PHT, it offers a mental break from the discomfort and can be a valuable tool in your pain management toolbox.

Answering Members’ Questions

Now, let’s dive into answering some of the questions posed by our community members:

1. Aging and PHT Rehabilitation (Alicia’s Question): Alicia asks about the possibility of aging out of the ability to perform current weekly PHT exercises and whether there are alternative exercises to keep the hamstrings happy. Brodie advises against decreasing weights but offers alternative strategies such as reducing reps, increasing rest periods, and modifying frequency to maintain strength and capacity as you age. The goal is to build and preserve strength, even as you progress in years.

2. Long-Term Use of Cushions While Sitting (Jen’s Question): Jen wonders if using a cushion when sitting can weaken the tendon over time or if it’s better to gradually wean off the cushion. Brodie recommends finding your current tolerance level and gradually increasing the time spent sitting without a cushion while preserving your sitting tolerance with one. The ultimate goal is to wean off the cushion for a more normal and comfortable lifestyle.

3. Plyometric Exercises for Tendon Resilience (Jen’s Question): Jen inquires about the potential benefits of plyometric exercises to enhance tendon resilience and seeks recommendations for suitable exercises. Brodie suggests incorporating plyometric exercises if your goal involves returning to high-intensity, explosive activities like sprinting, jumping, or fast-paced sports. Exercises like kettlebell swings, plyo lunges, and box jumps can be included but should be approached cautiously and progressively.

4. Can PHT Be Cured or Managed Long-Term? (Joseph’s Question): Joseph seeks clarity on whether PHT can be cured or if it’s a chronic condition that requires lifelong management. Brodie explains that while chronic tendon changes are irreversible, it is possible to overcome PHT and lead a pain-free life through effective management. Building strength, monitoring symptoms, and finding the right balance between activity and rest can help you regain control over your life.


In this insightful episode, we’ve explored valuable insights and answered pressing questions related to proximal hamstring tendinopathy. Remember that while PHT may present challenges, with the right approach, you can effectively manage and overcome this condition, allowing you to lead a fulfilling and active life. Stay tuned for more episodes and continue your journey to conquering PHT with confidence.