Do we overtrain or under-recover? with Dr. Izzy Smith

Dr. Izzy Smith is a specialist in hormone health and today we focus on all things hormones, stress & recovery. Firstly, Izzy talks about the concept of ‘over-training vs under-recovering’. We then move onto the role of certain hormones that hinder and

Shin pain: when should you seek medical advice?

Shin pain is a common complaint for runners and medial tibial stress syndrome AKA ‘Shin Splints’ is often the go-to self-diagnosis. This is often followed-up by researching shin splint treatment and asking for advice from other runners. But there are potentially other causes for shin pain which could become worse when applying standard shin splint […]

Expert physiotherapists perspectives on PHT (a 2020 paper)

On today’s episode Brodie reviews a 2020 paper titled Proximal hamstring tendinopathy; expert physiotherapists’ perspectives on diagnosis, management and prevention. The authors are Anthony Nasser, Tania Pizzari, Alison Grimaldi, Bill Vicenzino, Ebonie Ri

The reasons why stretching will not help your muscle tightness

Muscle tightness is a common situation for runners. They stretch and foam roll, which MIGHT offer short term relief but quickly returns after the next run. With runners desperate for an explanation and a solution, I thought I would share my thoughts. The muscle tightness ‘perception’ Firstly, it is in my opinion that the ‘perception’ […]

Optimizing S&C into your week with Trang Nguyen

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What are the misconceptions when buying new shoes

Previously I had JF Esculier on the podcast to discuss the importance of footwear. He was generous enough to share his knowledge on the current evidence regarding injury risk, running performance & shoe type. So today, I thought I would share the key messages I took away from this interview. For the complete interview, including shoes […]

What can we learn from Dr. Alfredson?

Today, Brodie tells the tale of Dr. Alfredson, a Swedish surgeon back in the 1990’s who mistakenly discovered the benefits of eccentric loading exercises for tendon rehabilitation. He would later develop the Alfredson eccentric protocol which is widely ac

3 pain tests to help diagnose PHT (a 2012 paper)

Today Brodie reviews a research paper by Cacchio, A et al. Titled: Reliability and validity of three pain provocation tests used for the diagnosis of chronic proximal hamstring tendinopathy. Here are the videos to the: Modified bent knee stretch test Pura

5 reasons why your tendon rehab is failing

Brodie uncovers the 5 traps people fall into during rehabilitation. This is a great episode if you are trying to rehab your tendon and not seeing results. It’s a good opportunity to self-reflect and modify any area of your recovery that is lacking. After

Amy’s PHT success story

Amy is a treadmill runner who developed PHT in 2018, which then turned into 2 years of confusion & frustration. We discuss her inital symptoms, how it progressed until she was unable to run and her search to find answers. What then took several months