Gluteal muscle weakness in PHT

On today’s episode, Brodie highlights the importance of glute muscle strengthening during proximal hamstring tendinopathy rehabilitation. We talk about a research paper titled: Gluteus Maximus inhibition in proximal hamstring tendinopathy (2017) along wit

Strategies to reduce your pain with Dr. Rachel Zoffness (Part 2)

We continue our journey! If you haven’t listened to part 1 of my chat with Dr. Rachel Zoffness please do so. Today, we dive into practical steps and strategies people can do when they are suffering from pain. Rachel first talks about the concept of ‘Cogni

Understanding pain and injury with Dr. Rachel Zoffness (part 1)

Today we have pain psychologist Dr. Rachel Zoffness on the show to teach us about pain & injury. Rachel teaches pain education to medical residents, serves on the pain education faculty at Dartmouth and is the co-president of the American Association

Train your mind to bounce back from injury with Carrie Cheadle

Carrie Cheadle is a sports psychologist & co-author of the book ‘Rebound: Train your brain to bounce back stronger from sports injuries’. Recognise the importance of behaviour, attitudes and mindset for recovery. Also self-reflect on your personality

Weakness vs Sensitivity

We often misinterpret weakness when it fact, it could be just an increase in structure sensitivity. When progressing a rehabilitation program and executing your rehab exercises, it’s not uncommon for a hiccup and mild flare-up to occur. This is often foll

Recovery expectations & dealing with set-backs

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy recovery is tough! It is a frustrating process that seems never-ending at times. This episode will help soften the blow and set you on the right path towards your destination. Every person who has faced challenges returning

Success story: James & his return to running

James has been a runner for 8 years. He had completed several marathons and loved running as an outlet for stress relief. However, PHT brought his passion to a halt! James found the overcoming PHT podcast and other PHT resources and started his own rehabi

Sleep Science for Recovery with Dr Amy Bender

Dr Amy Bender is a sleep scientist on a mission to promote sleep for well-being & better performance. She is the perfect guest to have on the podcast to discuss it’s importance for your performance & recovery. We discuss: Link between sleep and i

The Relationship of Sleep and Cortisol in Running Injuries

This episode is another big step in knowledge towards pain perception and proximal hamstring tendinopathy recovery. In order to train hard, you need to sleep hard. In order to reduce risk of overuse injuries, you need to optimize recovery. We discuss the

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Todd’s Journey to Recovery

During these success story segments, Brodie interviews a runner who has managed to overcome PHT after much hardship and frustration. When injured, it is easy to find social media posts & stories from other injured runners which are discouraging and wo