How to transition to a minimalist shoe

There are many reasons why you may want to transition to a minimalist shoe. For instance, you might be caught up in the barefoot movement, you may want to strengthen your feet & improve function, or you have read that lighter shoes help running economy. Yes, lighter shoes can help performance and running economy but […]

Running With A Knee Injury: Good Or Bad?

One of the most common injuries for runners is Patellofemoral joint pain AKA ‘Runner’s knee’. This injury is due to an overloaded kneecap with activities such as running, sitting and squatting. For more information about PFJ pain you can refer to How to treat your running injury. However, in this blog we will discuss if […]

Pain Science, Mindfulness and Healing Chronic Injuries with Maddie

Maddie is a recreational runner who has had bilateral plantar fasciitis for over 5 years. She has faced debilitating symptoms including intense pain, pins and needles and burning sensations which dramatically altered her social life. Cooking, shopping, wa

What runners need to know about pain

Step 1 of ‘explain pain’ is that all pain is generated from the brain. Several factors determine your brain’s reason for triggering pain & at what intensity. The level of pain experienced does not necessarily reflect the amount of tissue damage. This is a foundation principle all runners should understand to get a better grip […]

What Are The RED-S Warning Signs?

What is RED-S Previously know as the Female Athlete Triad has now evolved into ‘Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports’ which now includes males. The most well-defined example I could find came from Rebecca McConville who said: Rebecca McConville: “Where your energy is coming from when you are not paying the energy bills”. In other words, […]

Rob Jones’ PHT Success Story

Rob developed a hamstring strain mid-race in January 2018 which eventually progressed into pain when sitting and driving. Initial shockwave therapy irritated symptoms for over a week and Rob struggled to get symptoms under control.  With limited fitness e

How to bounce back stronger from injury

After just finishing the book ‘Rebound’ I thought I would share some key points I took away from it. Recovery is a mental game as much as it is physical. Studies have shown that athletes with positive psychological responses to their injury were more likely to return to their sport. We must learn to recognize […]

5 ways to overcome plantar fasciitis

As soon as summer starts, I see a lot more people presenting with plantar fascia pain and foot pain. I wonder if it is because of the transition from supportive shoes to barefoot walking as the cause. Keep this in mind. You are more likely to develop plantar fascia pain if you exceed your capacity […]

Q&A: Preserving Strength/Rehab vs Strength/Anterior Pelvic Tilts/Stride Implementation

In today’s episode, Brodie answers the following questions: Rob: “I’m currently on a 2-week holiday. I do have access to the gym here but the equipment isn’t as good as at my gym at home. Is easing back on the exercise likely to set me back at all?  Brent

What is the best way to warm up before running?

A great topic for new and experienced runners. When I ask clients what their running warm-up routine is most of them reply with, ‘I know I should probably stretch more’. One of the first blog posts I wrote talked about static stretching and it’s inability to reduce injury risk. The evidence shows no improvement in […]