What you need to understand about muscle cramping

The severity of muscle cramping varies along with its duration. It has been exceedingly difficult to study the treatments for cramps in a clinical setting because of it’s unpredictability. I shared an article from Maughan & Shirreffs (2019) who attempted to uncover the causes and treatment of exercise induced muscle cramps. It seems there are […]

Q&A: Flare-up Confusion/Measuring Progress/Chronic Pain Susceptibility/Preventing PHT

This episode addresses the following PHT questions: What makes PHT seemingly come back out of nowhere? Is the treatment different for this recurrence? With this being such a slow-healing injury, how do you measure week-to-week progress? Are there markers

How to keep your tendons healthy when returning to the gym

Hopefully by now you can recognize the importance of strength training. In fact, all runners should be doing some form of strength work throughout their training to improve their performance. But there might be situations that require extended time off your gym work. For example, going on holidays or spending all of your time running […]

How To Mentally Set Up Your Road To Recovery

When you are injured with the goal to get back to pain-free running, you often expect recovery to continuously progress without major disruptions. For example on a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, you have your map, expected time of arrival and your trusty car. However, just like this road trip, your recovery might present […]

How to do running strength exercises without leaving the house

Home exercises for runners Strengthening exercises are very beneficial when recovering from an injury & for increasing running performance. However, a lot of runners avoid gyms like the plague, and memberships can be expensive. So when though it is more beneficial to pile on the slow but heavy reps to reap the full reward I […]

Injury Update: Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy

In this episode, Brodie recaps what he has learnt over the years about PHT. It was originally released on the Run Smarter Podcast and is now shared on the PHT podcast.  Book a free 20-min physio chat here Click here to learn more about the PHT video cour

Why is my heel pain not getting better?

What is plantar heel pain? Plantar heel pain is an umbrella term consisting of several pain sources around the heel. Most commonly plantar fasciitis however, this condition may be over-diagnosed. So for today’s post I thought I would shed some light on some other causes or potential co-existing conditions that may be hinder your recovery. […]

Gender Differences with Tendon Adaptation

Title: Understanding Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Gender Differences in Tendon Adaptation Introduction In today’s episode, we delve into the intriguing world of gender differences in tendon adaptation. Welcome to the podcast dedicated to helping you conquer proximal hamstring tendinopathy. We aim to equip you with knowledge about this condition, debunk common misconceptions, and guide you towards […]

How to transition to a minimalist shoe

There are many reasons why you may want to transition to a minimalist shoe. For instance, you might be caught up in the barefoot movement, you may want to strengthen your feet & improve function, or you have read that lighter shoes help running economy. Yes, lighter shoes can help performance and running economy but […]

Running With A Knee Injury: Good Or Bad?

One of the most common injuries for runners is Patellofemoral joint pain AKA ‘Runner’s knee’. This injury is due to an overloaded kneecap with activities such as running, sitting and squatting. For more information about PFJ pain you can refer to How to treat your running injury. However, in this blog we will discuss if […]