Q&A: Preserving Strength/Rehab vs Strength/Anterior Pelvic Tilts/Stride Implementation

In today’s episode, Brodie answers the following questions: Rob: “I’m currently on a 2-week holiday. I do have access to the gym here but the equipment isn’t as good as at my gym at home. Is easing back on the exercise likely to set me back at all?  Brent

What is the best way to warm up before running?

A great topic for new and experienced runners. When I ask clients what their running warm-up routine is most of them reply with, ‘I know I should probably stretch more’. One of the first blog posts I wrote talked about static stretching and it’s inability to reduce injury risk. The evidence shows no improvement in […]

Is resting really the best thing for my injury?

This may seem on the contrary to the beliefs of most, but complete rest is rarely the solution for optimal recovery. In fact, rest could potentially make your injury worst! So let’s learn why staying active is so important and which option is best for your injury. Complete rest & running injuries When you experience […]

Q&A: Global PHT awareness/tendon strength assessment/rehab after recovery/mid-belly soreness

In today’s episode, Brodie answers the following questions: Julia: Hi Brodie I have a general query about the fact that this condition is so difficult to treat within the physio/orthopedic community with seemingly only a handful of specialists (like yours

What are the best cross-training tips when injured?

Injured runners just want to keep running, and certain circumstances will permit running. But did you know you will recover faster if you learnt how to implement some cross-training into your recovery plan? This is because it is often unhelpful to completely rest when injured. Plus, if it is done correctly, it has the added […]

Tendon Compression Explained

I talk with a lot of people with proximal hamstring tendinopathy, and I commonly hear them say “Brodie, I know you talk about the importance of tendon compression during rehab, but I still don’t fully get it”. Well, this episode aims to clear the confusio

What is the best treatment for achilles pain?

For this blog we review the latest in achilles pain treatment. In particular, a recent article titled ‘Achilles Pain, Stiffness, and Muscle Power Deficits: Midportion Achilles Tendinopathy Revision 2018’. This research complies all the treatment methods available and grades them from A (most effective & research-backed) to D (ineffective or no research found). So let’s […]

The new running injury index

We all know runners can be stubborn and often blind to the fact that their injuries are holding them back from unseen potential. So I thought I would share a new patient-reported outcome measure that has been released. It is called the University of Wisconsin Running Injury and Recovery Index and let’s go through three […]

Expert opinions on PHT treatment (2021 paper)

Brodie reviews a paper titled: Proximal hamstring tendinopathy; expert physiotherapists’ perspectives on diagnosis, management and prevention. This paper interviewed leading PHT experts and discuss the following categories:  Onset of pain, location of sym

When is it dangerous to use wearable technology?

Wearable technology like Garmin trackers, strava, heart-rate monitors and the nike run app to name a few have been recording our data for years but are they helpful? Most of you will agree that runners will fall on a spectrum between ‘valuable’ and ‘detrimental’ when using wearable technologies. The research has already shown that certain […]