Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Joey’s Success Story

Joey has suffered bilateral proximal hamstring tendinopathy for years. As a hyrox athlete, his sport features fast running, sled pushes, heavy lifting and several other stages which requires an enormous load of the body. After trying shockwave, PRP, stero

Why Getting Your Injury Better can be Dangerous

It sounds counter-intuitive. Why would getting better be dangerous?  Brodie explains the physical and psychological dangers of this phase of the recovery cycle along with useful tips to negotiate its treacherous waters. Book a free 20-min physio chat here

Rob’s PHT Success Story

This episode covers Rob’s struggles and eventually, success with proximal hamstring tendinopathy. Hear his injury insights, mistakes and helpful tips for anyone looking to overcome their own running injury.  Book a free 20-min physio chat here Click here

Modifications & Progressions for Hamstring Curls

This episode is a deep dive into the hamstring curl exercise for your proximal hamstring tendinopathy rehabilitation. Learn the different equipment and positions for this exercise along with suitable progressions, modifications and variations.  Book a fre

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Trevor’s Success Story

Trevor developed PHT 9 months ago after elevating his speedwork too quickly. After a misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment, Trevor eventually found himself on the path to success.  Book a free 20-min physio chat here Click here to learn more about the P

Talking About the Festive Flare-Up

In this episode, Brodie discusses the reasons why your Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy can be flared up around the festive season.  Book a free 20-min physio chat here Click here to learn more about the PHT video course & to receive your 50% discount

Are You Scared to Progress Your Exercises?

We cover two very common scenarios: 1.) I am scared to progress because I have pain even doing bodyweight exercises 2.) I am scared to progress because heavy exercises has flared me up in the past Brodie helps reassure these 2 scenarios along with practic

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Amy’s Success Story

Amy developed Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy in late 2020 and has been battling with the ups and downs of recovery ever since. Recently, she has changed her rehabilitation routine and running approach and has seen tremendous gains. On the episode today,

Q&A: Pain Behind Knee/Max Deadlift Calculations/Cross Training/Pain Guidelines

This episode addresses the following PHT questions: My hamstring pain is right behind the knee. Should I go through the same exercise and recovery regimen as PHT? How do you determine the max weight you should use for a specific exercise (is there a c

Q&A: Combining Rehab & Run Days/Flare-up Plans/Sciatica Symptoms/Finding a Good PT

This episode addresses the following PHT questions: When you realize you have pushed past your “adaptation zone”, for example, on a longer, faster run than intended, what is the best post workout plan?  Do you run on your off days or strength days othe