The running technique hack to reduce injury risk: Step width

What is a running step width? Your running step width is exactly how it sounds, it is the measurement between the left foot and right foot in between steps. So, imagine a runner on a treadmill. Now, imagine a bright white line painted down the middle of the treadmill belt. Because everyone has a different […]

What Advice Runners Need To Know About Bone Density

There has been a surprising level of interest for bone health of late. With this in mind, I wanted to share some knowledge on bone density and how to preserve it. The importance of bone growth at a young age By the time we reach our early 20’s we have already reached our peak bone […]

Shin pain: when should you seek medical advice?

Shin pain is a common complaint for runners and medial tibial stress syndrome AKA ‘Shin Splints’ is often the go-to self-diagnosis. This is often followed-up by researching shin splint treatment and asking for advice from other runners. But there are potentially other causes for shin pain which could become worse when applying standard shin splint […]

The reasons why stretching will not help your muscle tightness

Muscle tightness is a common situation for runners. They stretch and foam roll, which MIGHT offer short term relief but quickly returns after the next run. With runners desperate for an explanation and a solution, I thought I would share my thoughts. The muscle tightness ‘perception’ Firstly, it is in my opinion that the ‘perception’ […]

What are the misconceptions when buying new shoes

Previously I had JF Esculier on the podcast to discuss the importance of footwear. He was generous enough to share his knowledge on the current evidence regarding injury risk, running performance & shoe type. So today, I thought I would share the key messages I took away from this interview. For the complete interview, including shoes […]

How to keep your tendons healthy when returning to the gym

Hopefully by now you can recognize the importance of strength training. In fact, all runners should be doing some form of strength work throughout their training to improve their performance. But there might be situations that require extended time off your gym work. For example, going on holidays or spending all of your time running […]

What you need to understand about muscle cramping

The severity of muscle cramping varies along with its duration. It has been exceedingly difficult to study the treatments for cramps in a clinical setting because of it’s unpredictability. I shared an article from Maughan & Shirreffs (2019) who attempted to uncover the causes and treatment of exercise induced muscle cramps. It seems there are […]

How to become a smarter runner: Quiz results

I have been blown away with the volume of runners testing out their knowledge with the Run Smarter Quiz. Currently I have 300 runners complete the 30 question quiz covering pain science, injury management and running technique. So in addition I decided to create blog to debunk misconceptions and reveal the population’s understanding of certain […]

How to become an anti-fragile runner

This idea came from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book ‘Anti-fragile’ and I thought I would ask the question and spark some self-reflection. It has been discussed for a long time between experienced clinical professionals and coaches, that: There are some runners who seem to always get injured and some who can grind themselves to the ground […]

How To Mentally Set Up Your Road To Recovery

When you are injured with the goal to get back to pain-free running, you often expect recovery to continuously progress without major disruptions. For example on a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, you have your map, expected time of arrival and your trusty car. However, just like this road trip, your recovery might present […]