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Heart rate variability for measuring recovery with Simon Wegerif

We continue our recovery month theme with interviewing Simon Wegerif. Simon is the founder of ithlete and has website selling heart rate variability (HRV) apps and sensors.

Firstly, Simon explains the measurement of heart rate variability and how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system are involved. He does an excellent job of explaining this concept to the general public and is extremely knowledgeable with the available research on the topic. 

Simon then explains what will influence your HRV including emotional stress, sickness, physical strain, over-reaching exercise and different foods. Most importantly, we turn our attention to HRV and recovery! Including practical ways you can analyse and interpret HRV to make smarter training decisions. 

Lastly, this episode will tie in really well with our next conversation with Dr. Chris Schneider next episode to talk about heart rate and recovery!

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