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Recovery expectations & dealing with set-backs

What do we need to know about Recovery expectations?

Recovery is tough, and it is a frustrating process that seems never-ending at times. Therefore, this episode will help soften the blow and set you on the right path towards your destination. Every runner who has faced challenges returning from an injury needs to listen to this episode. We discuss how to plan for your journey to pain-free running and to expect the unexpected.

Congratulations on listening to this podcast and starting your run smarter journey. The run smarter podcast is designed to help you build on your knowledge, so you can tackle all your running goals. Hosted by Brodie Sharpe with the mission to ‘bring clarity & control to every injured runner’. Firstly, gain the universal principles every runner needs to know by listening to the first podcast seasons. Secondly, find podcast topics tailored to your specific situation with either Brodie’s solo episodes, or special guest episodes. Lastly, execute on what you learn and transform into a stronger, healthier, SMARTER runner.

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