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New running injury questionnaire with blog title

We all know runners can be stubborn and often blind to the fact that their injuries are holding them back from unseen potential. So I thought I would share a new patient-reported outcome measure that has been released. It is called the University of Wisconsin Running Injury and Recovery Index and let’s go through three out of the nine questions for you to self-reflect on your current or past running injury.

frustrated running sitting on the road

How frustrated are you by your running injury?

Especially when it comes to chronic and recurrent injuries, the emotional impact can slow healing times. Reflect on what beliefs you have around your injury. What emotions arise when you have a flare-up? How confident are you that the injury will resolve? How much do you trust your physio’s management plan? Frustrations are very prevalent in running due to race preparations & for a mental health outlet.

How much pain do you experience 24 hours following a run?

If you haven’t seen a physio before, to are probably focusing on pain before and during a run as indication to continue running. However, a 24-hour response is very important with emphasis on your first movements when waking up following your running day. Pay attention to this trend over the days/weeks to help your decision and read my blog on pain for more information.

confident runner running beside a lake

How does your running injury affect your confidence?

Especially your confidence to increase the duration or intensity of your running. I know for a long time I was very scared about increasing my running speed when I was overcoming injury. It took a good few months before my confidence returned. Would you be nervous if a friend asked you to go for a run? Are you hesitant to sign up for races that you would have to train for? This is a strong predictor on recovery so have a deep think about your own mental processes.

Every question asks runners to rate between 1 and 5. You can access the questionnaire here. Most importantly, if you are rating poorly on these questions see a physio and get on a focused, tailored, effective management plan.

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